The 2017 Handy Awards, (2017)
A comedy sketch about a fake film awards ceremony for How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up? The Podcast.
Director, Writer, Editor, Audio Engineer, Actor

CANCÚN, (2016)
A video I made of my family’s vacation to Cancún, Mexico in August of 2016.
Director, Camera Operator, Editor

In Development, (2016)
A short film about a photographer experiencing vivid flashbacks to a past relationship through his camera.
Director, Writer, Editor, Audio Engineer

Sometime Come the Mother. Sometime the Wolf. Trailer, (2014)
A trailer for the album Sometime Come the Mother. Sometime the Wolf. by My Eyes Fall Victim.
Director, Camera Operator, Editor

Lamplighter News August-September 2014, (2014)
The August-September 2014 episode of the monthly local music news series Lamplighter News.
Director, Producer, Writer

Less Than Three, (2013)
A meta-comedy about two friends co-directing the same film while also both dating the lead actress.
Producer, Assistant Director, Assistant Editor, Sound Designer, Actor
Official Selection – Bergenfield Film Festival 2013

The Making of We Are All Without Merit, Episode Five: Vocals, (2011)
A documentary following the recording of the album We Are All Without Merit by My Eyes Fall Victim.
Co-director, Camera Operator, Composer